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Welcome to 4legsonline the home of quality products that are comfortable, stylish and practial designed by dog and horse lovers. 
If you too love the height of comfort for your dog or horse as well as practicality for you then take a look at our great product range.

What Our Customers Say

 Ema Sharpe - The bed came today!! I love it, it looks so comfy! I love that you can take the outer layer off to wash and the middle is waterproof, brilliant idea! It’s all I could ask for! So happy! 5 stars


Linda Walker - George has the morning shift and Harry takes the afternoon. The bed is a great size for our 35kh dogs, it has plenty of stuffing and the dogs sink into it. It regains it's shape with a quick shake. It is easy to remove the hair and the washable cover is hard wearning, which is a must. Also a bonus it is British made. Best wishes to the 4legs team. 5 stars

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